Two-and-a-half cheers for teenage contraception

It was traditional to offer three cheers as captain of Rugby Union teams at school.  After more contentious bloodbaths it was hard to get one’s chaps to respond to the last ‘hip-hip’ in other than terms of abuse.  Hence two and a half cheers.

Looking at this story in the Wail, my first thoughts were that it would be a good thing to let our teenagers shag each other if the girl wasn’t going to end up pregnant.  The science is pretty clear that being pregnant under 19 it not a good thing, but I sort of thought shagging might actually be a good thing.  Then I wondered about what we used to call STDs, and sad cases of exploitation by usually dumb young men up to around 30 of young girls, how ‘tender’ my grandson still is at 13 (as was I, if I don’t like to remember) and so on.

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What eventually struck me about the story is that I have no real clue about what teenage sexual morality might be, freed of the dire, lying dross enforced on us 40 plus years ago.  As with so many arguments, all the space is already taken up by clowns from various interests who offer nothing now we have the technology to prevent pregnancy.  I would guess my main objection to rutting teenagers would be that it would be something else for them to be noisy about.  They might fight more too, with the grim spectre of Romeo and Juliet duels going on as I try to get to sleep.  That stuff about god, hell-fire, damnation and lurve was all dross and I can hardly pass any of that on.  There has to be more than ‘don’t do it with the school bike and get the clap’ stuff, surely?  I dread how much more complex this may be if he turns out gay.  My grandson is doomed to the truth, at least as I see it through a glass darkly.  As to the rest, we should follow Holland.  I am now confident enough that English practices will be 40 years behind.

I might send the lad to watch Romeo and Juliet if he needs punishment.  Face Book now resembles this tawdry lesson in vile teenage selfishness and angst, sparking its own duels.  Teenage sexual practice varies a great deal around the world, from Kenyan love-sheds to Sambian vital liquid conservation ( Tribal Leaders and all kinds of weird ‘arrangements’.  Sadly, in some sectors, the availability of anti-pregnancy material to 13 year old girls will probably lead to further exploitation.  Our old moralising will make things worse than  they need be.

The primary focus of the [Sambian] initiation ritual is to transform “boys” who are considered feminine persons of women houses into fierce, strong, male warriors. This process of initiation from boy to man is also known as masculinization. In actuality men are “reborn” from men and are taught many important things such as that woman are dangerous and emasculating. Strangely enough the women are placed in a situation where they are isolated by their husbands, who are much older than them. The youths are now the targeted ones who the women want to use to fulfill their sexual desires. The men however, are not concerned about falling for these women. They have been taught well about how women can be dangerous to men, especially the younger adolescent men who can even die from heterosexual intercourse.

The isolationism they encounter not only prevent the youth from having any sexual activities with women, but also from seducing, or being seduced by married women – which would later create chaos by enemies. This certainly teaches the boys that they can indeed live without their mothers and certainly without any females around them. What the boys need is semen in order to mature. In some cultures such as this one in Papa New Guinea a homosexuality ritual takes place. Ironically the homosexual practice is not a feminizing ritual, but rather the beginning of a fierce and brutal warrior. The Sambia initiatory cycle starts when the boy is between the ages of 6 and 10, and proceeds to 6 stages until he becomes the father of one child, some 10 to 15 years later. The following six initiations take place over time where the boys are isolated from women. They are killed as boys and reborn as men.

You can follow the rest online if you must.  Teenage contraception has advantages over this form of population control!  Now, who is going to tell the Daily Mail readers about the New Sambian Forest being planted and populated on their doorstep?


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