Immigration Concerns

The indigenous population shrinking, immigrants and the underclass  having too many children, well-educated native s too few. Biologically, culturally and professionally the country is dumbing down.  Anyone want to disagree this is Britain’s future?  In fact, these are German concerns, and publishing a book on them got a banker sacked.

The anti-immigrant line snowballed into a ferocious debate about how Germany should deal with its 16m immigrants (or people with “migrant backgrounds”), especially its 4m or so Muslims. Even those who revile Herr Sarrazin accept that he has struck a nerve. Germany clearly isn’t doing enough to bring immigrants into the social and economic mainstream. Too many drop out of school and live off the dole. A worrying minority form “parallel societies”, and a few actively plot harm against their German neighbours.

Most Germans favour “sharply restricting” Muslim religious practice, a third think the country is overrun with foreigners and a tenth say they want a strong leader.  Horst Seehofer, the premier of Bavaria and head of the Christian Social Union, the Bavarian sister party of the governing Christian Democratic Union (CDU), went furthest among respectable politicians: Germany is not an “immigration land”, he  proclaimed, and it certainly does not need more immigrants from “other cultural backgrounds”, such as Turkish or Arabic.  Thilo Sarrazin’s, book is, Deutschland schafft sich ab (“Germany does away with itself”).

As in Britain, German business (currently with double UK growth), wants more and more immigration, and moves are afoot to make imported professional qualifications count.

Frankly, all this is bloody stupid.  We have economics and HRM working as though countries are top sports teams who can select from the world’s best.  We need a new model, and will have to accept that we will have “under-performers” and disabled people in our teams.  We can do this with a change in the rules.  So far we have wasted money giving kids degrees that do nothing to hide their idiocy, and prevented them working in jobs where they used to develop into non-idiots by other than academic means.  We have used education as an export business, flooding our best institutions with paying foreign students and many of our really poor ones too, to meet demand.  This has been a rotten trick all round, and many academics should fall on their swords.

I don’t know if our cops have become so bad we could replace them with some of my cheap Laotians, trained in Zambia, but if you can’t see the metaphor here is this is more or less what we have done in our factories, taxi fleet, town halls and so on, you need educational help once you’ve been to Specsavers.

Politicians are making no contribution to solving these kinds of problems.  We need to reject them all.  Germany, as usual, is some way ahead of we plodding Brits.  You must have noticed that nothing that really concerns you ever gets on Newshite or even the Channel 4 News these days.  Bimbos of both sexes ponce about telling us what politicians have just said, over and over and over – but they never discuss what we are talking about, pissed off with and so on.  That Laura Koonsberg woman vibrates so much I spill my tea.  She’d be more use digging holes in roads. Time to get rid of these medjaah-wallahs too.  Blog on people, until we find some other way.  It’s time we really saw through political correctness and realised its just nasty power waiting to bully someone it can gain power over into censored silence.  It has been making us all lie to the point we are likely to have to fight.

In the US, anti-immigrant people stress that immigration adds $13 billion, or about two weeks’ growth in an economy growing 2.5% a year.  This is the ‘net benefit’, as opposed to $13 trillion of activity.  In the UK, one third of new households will be due to immigration, based on 2004 data.  An English Housing Survey in the last couple of days provides further evidence of the pressure placed by immigration on the housing sector. Foreign nationals now occupy 8.4% of the social housing stock. Among occupants aged 16-40 that figure rises to 12.6%.  We are looking at 1 million new school places in 10 years.

The EU/India Free Trade Agreement due to be signed in December will permit Indian corporations to transfer specialist staff to EU countries, notably the UK, without any upper limit on numbers.

This has potentially serious implications for Britain:

–  the initiative will be in the hands of Indian companies who win a service contract in the EU.

–  there is, apparently, to be no limit on numbers.

–  staff only have to have worked for one year with the Indian company concerned.

–  there is no test to see if a British worker is available.

–  the concessions become irreversible by individual member states because they will have been granted under the trade arrangements which are matters for Commission competence

–  the UK will be the main target of Indian companies, largely for language reasonsbut also because they are already well established here.

–  the period that workers are allowed to stay will, in theory, be limited to three years but, in practice, it will be impossible to find and return any who overstay.  This is before we start to worry about any corruption.

We should have stopped immigration from outside the EU decades ago and looked to long-term solutions to skills shortages and what to do with those who can’t do much other than manual or unskilled work.  We should also have prevented many of the blockages to people getting jobs that are to do with HRM and other bulldung, especially demands for effectively false qualifications and the ‘Spanish practices‘ of professions.  Schools should have been redesigned to get kids who can’t benefit from them out of them into supervised jobs with educational release.  Most jobs I see are not intellectually demanding or high skill, and most of our own people could be doing them.  UK plc is not MUFC and we have no need of Rooneys, or rules that discriminate against so many as sports selection does. In scientific tests, we all show racism lurking under our politeness and pretence, with Asians having marked problems with blacks.  Many who profess to be ‘colour blind’ and so on never really live near the problems caused and assume racism in others whilst being full of it, unresolved, in themselves.  Some are so guileless and self-delusioned they can work in places like Dubai without noticing it has been built on slave labour, and the brown guy next to them at work gets only a third of their pay.  They will have no clue what it is to find pay in the brick works down to minimum wage, and to be working with colleagues in dangerous conditions who cannot even shout a warning in English.

Current immigration policy in the UK breaches our covenant with our own poor and disadvantaged people.  If they were a race, the policy would be racist.  In effect, poor, decent British people who complain about the decline of their areas under immigration are treated as racists.  They rarely are, but come to have contempt over lack of friendship, their own exclusion by the ethnic groups the decreasing chances to have neighbours who are friends, noise, including children who cannot be sorted out by reference to their parents and ‘Mosque noise’ and on to feeling threatened on the street and in their own town halls.  Even in Sweden (Ambush Predator notes) some are forced to the madness of killing, and I must say in Sweden one can at least vote meaningfully for an educated version of our BNP.

I have long been anti-racist and remain so.  I see disgusting racism going unchallenged and challenge it.  Some of this racism is now coming from the very places one would expect it to be impossible – the EOHRC being one, town halls and bleat after bleat from some quarters that sees racism as underlying all kinds of action, a perspective that is  that of similar mechanism to racism itself, and is prepared to shit on poor and often rather innocent people, rather than establish and help with their concerns.


8 thoughts on “Immigration Concerns

  1. In my youth I listened carefully to Enoch’s every word and inflexion; waiting to pounce upon some gaffe that was never to be. In those days, the option of mauling him was preferable to facing unpleasant truths and predictions.

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  4. Enoch just looked like someone who should be a racist. Things became more concrete for me abroad – the racism in other countries dwarfed even our most redneck stuff. The Arabs were particularly appalling, until I met some disgraceful Chinese.
    We should stop the nonsense now and move to more sensible practices that are not discriminatory against our own poor. ‘No job, no house for you, you thick white bastard’, seems to be the result of much of this.

  5. Constant calls of “racist” (and homophobe) along with the increasing PC legislation, only serves to increase and inflame the discriminatory tendencies they seek to reduce!

  6. Black victim treated badly – “therefore” cops are institutionally racist – sadly is part of a cover-up of general cop incompetence. The bosses rather like the idea of being able to blame some crude rump of the despicable racism, rather than address the real problems of officers so crap and badly trained they don’t even look for wounds.

    Jesse Jackson spoke sense when I saw him recently – that it’s OK to stop gang-bangers and crooks but not decent people – the problem being how do you spot ‘decent’, especially when the ‘hoody’ dress mentality and the rest abound.

  7. It’s actually quite a complex problem, isn’t it? Sarrazin is dangerous in Germany because he mixes a lot of truth with more utter bullshit (stuff about genetically proved differences in intelligence on a racial basis, for example) – all of it basically to plug his book and secure his financial future.

    Migration has always been a feature of human societies – it’s not a problem as long as a basic openness is there. There are millions of people of Irish origin in England, for example. I have friends of Turkish origin here in Germany who are availing of the chances available to them, who have accepted that this is the country their children are going to spend their lives in and carry on with their lives accordingly.

    On the other side are those members of closed-in ghettoes who are married off by their families to spouses imported from Eastern Anatolia, many of whom are lucky if they can read and write, let alone speak German. The kids hit school with bad German and no-one at home to help them with their schoolwork. They finish up leaving school at 16 or 17 without any qualifications, gigantic chips on their shoulders and at the same time the attitude that their pure Muslim culture is better than the decadent western shit in which they live. And the wheel turns another circle.

  8. It’s amazing how much trash there is about Francis. I bought a one month Sky subscription to watch the Rugby League Tests and found all kinds of junk lumped in with that. It’s very easy to feel the decadence.
    The philosophy involved is usually disappointing in that it can’t establish why pissed-up teenagers rolling on the floor puking are only as bad as some poor sod puking Mosque or Church. My view is that argument is restricted by rationalist fantasy and almost always ‘internalist’ rather than genuinely open.
    The anger I feel when our public debates merely involve a bunch of dud politicians and journo-pundits, indicates they have screwed me and my tolerance beyond breaking point and that I have some basics I believe are being breached. These may not be fundamentals once given ‘air’, yet something like them seem to be at work in many of us who ‘see the shit for what it is’ and they are not being talked through.

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