North Sea Oil Boom Possible

We could use carbon dioxide to help pump out far more oil from existing fields over the next 20 years – equivalent to enough power for all UK needs over 2 years.

We could even think about using this boon to build snake power fields to tap wave motion.

What I want to knows is why we don’t go ahead and do this kind of stuff and get our young people involved in the work instead of sending them to useless universities to learn to be idle jerks.

The technique could yield an enormous amount of oil revenue at a time of public service cuts and developing the infrastructure would put the UK in the driving seat for developing enhanced recovery off-shore oil production around the world. It would also allow the UK to develop its carbon storage techniques in line with the UK government’s commitments on emissions reductions.

The study, funded by DONG Energy (UK) Ltd. and Ikon Science Ltd., was presented  October 14th 2010, at a conference on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London. The new figures are conservative estimates and extend a previous calculation that predicted a 2.7 billion barrel yield from selected fields in the North Sea.

This is why I’ve been telling everyone to get their dongs out; honestly officer!


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