Do We Know What Our Election Folly Has Brought Yet?

Amazingly, I believe we’d have been better off economically with a LabDem coalition than this lot.  My reasoning is Japanese.   They now think they would have been better off delaying cuts they made years ago.  Personally, I wanted an anti public religion vote and to be able to vote for a new economic deal on a global basis, so I had no vote except to vote against my sitting MP who proved to be a scurrilous jerk when needed.  He got back in.  No one told any truth in the election.  We don’t seem to have an capacity as an electorate to picture what is going on.

The cuts are within a few days of being announced, and some are being spun out for damage limitation purposes, as ever.  Parliament and the press corps look as insular as ever.  The recipe of cuts is an old one and is going to hurt through unemployment and under-employment, and no one has been able to tell is just what the mess we are in is, and what is responsible.  The economic logic in play is as fallacious as that of formal logic, in which we can work out anything is true from a false proposition.

Inflation has been built into to our system for many years, and hidden in Ponzi schemes of quantitative easing, ludicrous property prices and one bubble after another.  Wealth we thought accrued in property, pension funds and ‘education’ has turned Ponzi – it all relied on there being more mugs to invest to pay out those of us who thought our funds were actually capital that would work for us and was working for us.

My guess is that agricultural and industrial productivity has increased by some factor of ten since I was a child.  There will be sources to look up, but I’m not interested in the actual figure.  It’s obvious.  This should mean less work to do, and more time for a leisured life that might matter.  Instead, with quite massive youth unemployment and under-employment, the ‘answer’ is to flog more out of we old Boxers (Animal Farm) until we are too old to notice our free bus passes only allow travel to the knacker’s yard.

Technology is such that we could now deliver much education without many schools, colleges or universities.  I can now write programmes for Internet delivery that are much more effective than the old classroom models for Higher Education and I’m sure my colleagues across the sector could do the same.  As a rough guide, I can deliver twice the personal contact time and much better programmed learning at £2K p.a. than a university at £8K p.a. – and also a much better social-sports side that would be self-funding.  We aren’t doing this because HE is run by selfish gits and a lack of understanding amongst parents of what education can be, other than its prestige elements.

Our current economic model wants to save costs, but it doesn’t seem to know why other than in making profit to be channelled off to a libidinous rich.  Democracy can never happen because we are always in thrall to something that has happened to money.  We expect our cops to do the right moral thing for a basic salary, but our bwankers to need massive bonuses to do the same.

The ConDems are essentially asking us to believe in a god.  Essentially, this god will  step in with the jobs we need once we have slashed a few million of them from the public sector – each job lost there costing at least another in the private sector.  The last examples of this working are probably WW2and the Korean War for Japanese industry.  Part of attracting this god’s jobs is being open to immigration of smart and cheap people (Merkele said this yesterday).

Basically, they are going to slash public transport, ‘taxing’ the poor sod with no alternatives up to a grand a year on season tickets, slash benefits and police (the first probably causing problems that mean we will need more of the latter), empty prisons and sell them off, slash legal aid (hurray! – lawyers to cardboard city) and wait around for god.

I have heard not one jot about new jobs and industries that wasn’t utter blather so far.  In Ancient Athens, Solon the Lawgiver, they guy who legalised brothels, also pulled a trick we need to see again, if we can find a just form of it.  He advised his mates to borrow money to buy land.  Then he cancelled all debts.  Obviously some kind of proto-Walpole.  The bonfire we probably need is of a kind that redistributes capital to people prepared to work with it (not socialism).

What we are getting looks like a blatant thrashing of the poor by the rich, and the leaving of the bloated ACPO ranks across our culture to get on with bleeding the country dry.  I am now inclined to believe these Acpos (from senior cops, through politicians to bwankers) are a criminal class.  Association of Criminal Opportunist Salarymen?  Montenegro is openly run by organised crime, we have Ashcroft and some very dodgy dealing – one has to wonder.

I think we do know now that the pricks who promised change have only brought back an old and failed solution that will make things worse.  We can also say there is no alternative on offer – Nulabour were bullying tossers who were so clueless they gave money to professions to waste on promotions and fees.  Obama has given away loads of money to individual States with no sign of anything working.  My own sense is that the ‘god’ is non-existent.  What we need are some cooperative industries and a Bill of Rights on being able to work for a living wage.  This itself would need some new form of discipline, but I’d rather place faith in myself and people prepared to get a shoulder to the wheel than gods.


3 thoughts on “Do We Know What Our Election Folly Has Brought Yet?

  1. “My guess is that agricultural and industrial productivity has increased by some factor of ten since I was a child. There will be sources to look up, but I’m not interested in the actual figure.”

    Yields may have increased, but I’m not sure that isn’t as a result of the efforts being switched into different areas, rather than reduced…

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