Could We Have A New Perspective On Police Racism Please

So cops stop loads more Asian people and twice as many blacks again than they do whites per capita.  We have known this for decades.  We have also known all societies are racist for decades.  You are massively more likely as a black male or Muslim male to be in prison than a white guy.

There are far more men in jail than women and far more men get stopped than women.  Should we not object to this as sexist?  If sexism is the reason, criminal women must be getting away with murder.  Our cops must be stupid.

It’s surely time to end crap statistics like these.  No one in their right mind believes men are being victimised – we believe men commit more crimes and so on.

So why should we believe our cops are so dumb they waste their time stopping Asians and blacks because they are racially motivated.  Given access and authority to research this properly I could have the actual answer in a few months.  I could come up with an answer as to why this dross story has been grinding on in the same form for decades.

There are several potential answers to this question that do not have to be left competing.  One is that Asian and black men are doing more crime than the average white band.  If this is the case, police need better legislation and help to catch them.  Other answers are possible.  One not given much space is that Asians and blacks are more racist and hostile on these grounds than whites.  Another is that our cops are racist – and so on.  The point is, with some decent research we could know.

Personally, I don’t find cops any more racist than any other group and believe most of the reports into this missed obvious incompetence and were drawn off into hapless dross like ‘institutional racism’.  One thing I did notice as a cop was that racist language increased amongst cops dealing with foreign populations, and there was more hostility towards me from these populations than my own generally.  One sure way to increase this hostility was to use politically correct bullshit, rather than be honest.  Arguments that use statistics like this are as bent as police statistics on crime.  There are real answers.  I suspect decent Asian and black people would be ashamed by them.


7 thoughts on “Could We Have A New Perspective On Police Racism Please

  1. Not an apologist for the plod but I always wonder why,access to crime is never mentioned.I was stopped numerous times as a young adult because I lived in a “rough” area .Easier for the police than looking for tax evaders,professional fraudsters etc.Certain an element(?significant) is due to stereotyping but never see figures based on income of those stopped

    • There is some work on this showing the stops are proportionate to who is on the street, and we certainly pulled more people over where we thought crime likely, and more ‘struggs’ (likely lads) than general population.
      My guess is Asian and black males are more involved in crime. I’m no looking for excuses for the cops. The truth must be discoverable on this and we keep getting these old lines.

    ‘For the first time, they will be given lists of sex offenders living on their patch so they can monitor them on a daily basis’.

    ‘And their radios will be fitted with global positioning systems so control rooms will know exactly where they are’.

    We have been doing this in WILTSHIRE for years.

    It’s just the old ‘beat crime unit’ model with a new name.

    All pointless when the Courts won’t send anyone down and ‘detections’ will soon suffer and they’ll all scuttle back to the offices to sort it out.

  3. In my experience Police are so scared to bs called racist that they will do almost anything to avoid the label…

    There are people would like the cops to be hamstrung..,

    I wonder if this is part of the process…

  4. Wilt was always more of a hero to me than Gadget. Swindon has a Swamp and Reservation. I could see a good book in which Insp. Flint has to track down Gadget.

    The mad thing is we are all racist Shijuro, and need to understand why in order not to let our prejudices rule. I note the recent trawl of stop and search at the House of Lords has turned by that statistical anomaly of brown skin colour and sleaze one must never assume on the street.

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