We Have Voted For A Return to Medieval Corruption


Canadian journalist/activist Naomi Klein

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The current farce on tuition fees says a great deal.  The country once thought Vince Cable something of a beacon of honesty amongst the shabby woral muckfits that form our Parliament.  We now know Vince was a populist liar like the rest.  What underlies our problems is an economics that has barely changed since the Dutch salted other people’s land because only they knew how to desalinate.   The questions we should know more about concern how we got rid of child labour and utterly crap working conditions, rather than what the Gaussian single copula is.  All our main parties lied to us in the last election.  There was no election based on reality.  The lesson we should learn is they are all the same.  Something in government changes even those who might have once thought they meant what they said.  Our own MP is a complete shit and only worthy of imprisonment.  I suspect much the same across the board – and there is a lesson here on statistical sampling.

An honest politics would require candidates to appeal to the electorate by telling them they are a bunch of thick, self-interested twerps, most of whom have not moved far from the foot of their own stairs.  We might liken this to ‘vote for me cunt, you don’t know it makes sense’.  I doubt many of us would bother trying.  Sadly, of course, we are as thick as mud, and vote for anyone offering to tell us how smart we are and offers the best bag of sweets in his lucky dip.

These new Cameroon Tories are very much the old Tory Twats – the kind of people who liked to jibe at Darwin that his grandmother was a monkey.  They have promised the usual old bunk economics – the stuff that appeals to those of us who hate the jerk buffoons that infest our town halls, the cops and the Civil Service.  We must cut them out like a cancer to stimulate the economy.  This is the usual jerk-off IMFWorld Bank austerity that has failed everywhere.  I’ve long suspected it’s just the foreplay to a real fucking.  Ireland has just done it, lost her virginity and is now being spit-roasted in the second wave.  Naomi Klein may not be far off the mark in her theory of ‘shock and screw’ economics.  You buy up the cement works before you bomb in order to be well placed for ‘re-construction’.  I always used to wonder how our banks lent so much money to kleptocracies in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and so on, but never went bust themselves.  Maybe they were buying up good business cheap in fire sales they had brought about?  Maybe they were running drugs on the side?  The Japanese tried cutting and it got them nowhere.  The pathetic truth is that an economy is better off with donkeys sitting in town hall offices – really on benefits, but being paid – or people filling your car with petrol for you – really on benefits, but being paid – or people who never arrest anyone calling themselves cops – really on benefits but being paid – and people lecturing from textbooks in higher education – really in benefits but being paid and so on.  The old idea was to have people digging holes and others filling them in,  The idea was to avoid unemployment.  The invisible hands of a thrusting private sector are the modern equivalent of the monster you gave up your virgin daughters to to save the City.  Most work is fictional and unnecessary.

Our society is now cut through and through by confidence tricks.  Money is a key one, finance another, but it’s everywhere.  We see a cop ‘murder’ a poor old man in front of our eyes, but what happens?  Here’s part of the story:

INQUEST believes there should be an inquiry into the role of the City of London Police, the coroner, the pathologist and the IPCC, who have all played a part in ensuring no charges were able to be brought.  Responding to the decision, Ian Tomlinson‘s son Paul King said, ‘After 16 months of waiting, to hear nothing is being done is a complete joke. Today they gave us no hope. This experience has broken our family apart. The DPP has told us there was an unlawful act, yet no charges are to be brought. This is no justice – everyone has failed us’.

Deborah Coles, Co-Director of INQUEST, said: ‘The eyes of the world will be looking on with incredulity as yet again a police officer is not facing any criminal charges after what is one of the most clear-cut and graphic examples of police violence that has led to death. This decision is a shameful indictment of the way police criminality is investigated and demonstrates a culture of impunity when police officers break the law. It follows a pattern of cases that reveal an unwillingness to treat deaths arising from the use of force by police as potential homicides. It demonstrates yet again the flawed procedures that follow contentious deaths involving the police and stands as testament to their unaccountability’.

The family’s solicitor, Jules Carey, said: ‘The CPS decision is a disgrace. They have accepted the officer’s conduct is unlawful, but have determined not to prosecute him for anything. We shall examine this decision and challenge it if possible. There must be an inquiry into whether the failure to charge is a lack of competence or of will’.

Nothing much has happened.  The sense I have of medieval corruption is that the truth counts for nothing and organisations seem capable of hiding it from us.  Mad decisions are covered-up.  I can give example after example from the CJS, economics, company corruption and history.  We are making the same idiot decisions now as the Athenian Democracy and are as selfish and cruel as it was.  Everyone in our current Parliament is an example of the very corruption we were supposed to vote to throw out.  The same old, same old bunch of shits.

Nulabour was utter shit – bullying toads.  We now prefer them again in the polls.  Just wait until the poverty starts to bite.  I reckon it will cost £60K to get a degree in the old way.  As a scientist who worked hard (12 hours lectures, 20 hours labs), I take some glee in thinking the arty-farty, idle humanities lot are getting it stuck up them.  Don’t forget that a full-time student gives up around £60K in wages.  They could buy a house round here by working and not going to university.  Tell them the truth Vince!

So Vince tells the truth and half our universities shut down or take on even more foreign students.  Our kid don’t go.  Other kids, thicker than the ones who would have gone to university, don’t get the jobs they take.  More poverty.  If the crap universities do shut (and many are crap), the lecturers and three times their number in admin are out of a job, plus construction workers and cleaners.  If we take on more foreign students, it won’t be at £18K p.a. – we’ll be chasing a cheaper market and putting pressure on that.

My guess is we are in deep shit.  The economic model doesn’t work, there are more bubbles to come (I suspect ’emerging markets’ will ‘South Sea’ or ‘dotcon’ and there will only be good news if we start very new projects and bring about a ‘right to work’ across Europe.  Obama is failing and the US may be going ‘Gary, Indiana‘, to ghost towns full of people (in this case black) who can’t even afford police, fire and ambulance services.  Somehow, we have to work out we can’t compete in global markets and never really did except by force.

We aren’t even discussing what we need or want to do.  Our finances are down the toilet, but the answer put forward to flush a few million people down the unemployment drain, not give people operations, education,  cops and so on has failed before.  Much as I hate public sector waste, I’ve seen as much in the private sector if not more.  After food, water, power, housing, education, basic clothes and BBC TV what else is there in life worth having?  I can choose to pay tax for other people to have these as well as me.  I can’t choose not to pay tax for mediocre Microsoft products, or let the BoE take more off me as quantitative easing, and I can’t stop retailing, the biggest waste of all.

The biggest  ‘laugh’ concerns all those people who thought they were paying for their own pensions, and really in employment rather than on privileged benefits.  People working so hard in their own imagination that a day’s work building a mud wall to form the pond that grows the prawns they eat would kill them.  All the cops who imagine that 4 arrest p.a. each is ‘enough’ to justify all their whining about heroism.  I can’t tell you what some university lecturers think is hard work, on their 18 hour/week, 38 weeks/year contracts.  I managed to work hard as a cop and lecturer, at least most of the time.  A few do, but I doubt management has any clue who they are.

Education has failed – most of us remain as thick as two short planks.  Even if we achieve some turned on brain, they hide the information we really need as surely as any medieval war lord hoarded grain.  This sad tale may end happily.  The cops get cut, terrorism prevails, they attack Parliament and do us all a favour as we realise we never needed anyone in the place?


A still from video footage obtained by The Gua...

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Just look at the little, disguised shit behind Mr. Tomlinson.  How many other cowards in in that picture and what have seen of the CCTV?  They are all wearing a uniform in which many decent deeds have been done, but shamed it on that day.  What is the state of such corruption in our police?  All MPs lied to us during the non-election – what is the state of corruption in our Parliament?  Education as we have it is no answer, as CPS, IPCC and many of our institutions have ‘educated people’ as crass as any bad cop with a big stick.


5 thoughts on “We Have Voted For A Return to Medieval Corruption

  1. I share your concerns having witnessed and experienced
    a catalogue of comprehensive criminality, corruption, deceit, dishonesty, incompetence, incivility, misconduct, etc within GloucestershiTe Constabulary, Glos Police Authority and the IPCC who all conspire together in one major ass covering excercise in order to prevent exposure of their fundemental failings to act accordingly and appropriately in the public interest.
    Having identified the problems,it is evident that noone has the bottle or backbone to address the issues.
    It has become my objective to expose these organisations as absolute shysters who are all unfit for purpose.

  2. On the frequent occasions the news puts my upper lip into auto curl mode, I ask myself if some particular sequence in the spread of decadence through a government and its police, really matters.

    The Tomlinson affair dulls as Mr Average is confronted by the latest attempt to outrage and this week’s police offering is ‘I am the law, I can do anything.’

  3. My partner was an IPCC investigator as we went through 7 years of hell with criminal neighbours – the cops and local authority people were worse than the vile druggies-thieves-violent turds. GMP should have been disbanded and the work handed over to Lancashire. I too, feel expose coming on!
    Frankly though, the problems are across our society like the rash of a Kundera novel made real. They will go to any lengths to hide incompetence.
    Just as our problem came to an end, at least in terms of decent neighbours moving in, a good friend was found shaking in the pub. He had to move away from even worse problems involving an unspeakable murder.

  4. Nah! You just have the paranoid-schizoid position problem Shijuro. This often makes people sadder than they need be mate. I hate injustice, not cops, though the system is frustrating. I suspect you don’t understand your own cruelty, and would want rid of it if you did. Huge incompetence is being cover-up. This doesn’t mean you personally. You seem to take it that way. Rather than hate you, you remind me one of my old mates, who was a good cop and decent guy. The cops have a sump section much as some estates have an evil poor. I’d guess you ain’t been one half of a spit-roasting on duty, never taken a bribe and actually help old ladies across streets.

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