Radical Unfairness

The Guardian and other papers today witter on about a report on fairness in Britain.  If you are black and male you have 7 times more chance of going to prison, 12 % of our prison population is Muslim and so on.  Disabled people find it very hard to get into work and we are about to pull support services – all the usual stuff.  Lots of Asian men drive taxis – shock horror.  Chinese girls do better than the rest of us – you could have watched Gran Tourismo instead of reading the jive.

I really detest prejudice, but I’ve had enough of this kind of dross.  What I want to know is whether ethnic minorities and so on actually commit more crime than other people, or more of the crime our cops can actually nick people for.  I want to know whether doing better at school is so bloody important and why, why our cabs have all gone ethnic if immigration is so important to the economy, and why this happened as unemployment was high.  I paid for my education driving a cab – what could I do now?

What I don’t want is the underlying stuff that we are racist, and this is somehow the reason for apparent disparities.  I’m deeply concerned that ethnic people are much more likely to be sectioned and that kind of thing, but we knew this since the Manhattan Project in the 60’s.  Black people get stopped more often than whites on average, but given I am never stopped and this is because I am never out and about in a fashion to get stopped and neither are black and Asian friends.  Years ago, I never stopped black or Asian people in Altrincham, but did stop plenty of white struggs.  Moved to Moss Side as a cop, I was stopping blacks, Paddies, Asians.  I had not become racist, but was regularly accused of it.

In academe, behind the charade, it’s often the Asian students accused of plagiarism and I’ve seen some evidence of a national network of ‘file sharing’, some clear bullying of girls by the Muslim boys.  I’m trained to look past my own stereotyping.  I’ve worked abroad and found more racism there than back here.

We never seem to get any depth on what is really going on.  There is plenty of racism on the estate near my home and it’s not dealt with properly, but this is because we lack the tools and understanding generally, not because cops are racists (some are, but so are some of ‘us’).    I suspect black and cross-race cops get complained about more than white ones.  Is this because they are crap?  The public racist?

My own suspicions are that many of the opportunities in life are not much in the way of opportunities many want.  Average IQ is very low in some populations, often correlating very closely with chronic diseases.  We can’t find any genetic reasons, but are perverse enough to call people who mention the bell curve racists.  This is bollox.  High IQ is closely correlated with academic achievement and you are unlikely to have it if you are brought up in a malaria-ridden swamp, birthed by a drinking, smoking, drug abusing mother, living with an alcoholic father and a load more.

What we might look at, is why we allow ‘clever’ people to ‘succeed’  on the basis of easy advantage and to write-off others to scut-work and benefits.  There is no need.  Why do we go on and on about racial discrimination without looking at some of the very nasty ethnic habits?  Are we locking up black guys because they are easier than the smart white crooks?  The average IQ in a police interview room is 82.  We are nicking the ‘thick’.  We might start asking why we are making life so difficult for some of the ‘thick’.  Why crime is an alternative to work, or would be if there was any work, for some populations.  Why are our prisons and services swamped by these ethnic numbers, if it’s not racism?  If there is ‘justice’ going on, what do these figures say about the ‘benefits’ to our societies of immigration?  It could be that we have imported massive problems and politically corrected ourselves away from even being able to discuss the real problems.

The Grauniad and BBC mentalities are censoring real investigation into the state of our society.  I don’t say this as some kind of right wing gawp.  My economic politics are leftish.  I want to see direct evidence.  Let’s not be told numbers, but about real cases.  If black blokes are being arrested and harassed I want to help stop it.  If they are running drugs in very nasty ways, abusing women and so on I want to stop that.  There must be evidence that doesn’t require me to think cops are racist, white society racist and so on or view the world from a politically correct, snob-superior insularity.

If doctors are so crap they section ethnic people 8 times more often than us ‘normals’ for no reason other than unaware stupidity, what else might the clowns be doing to us?  Would I really choose to give a boat-load of drugs to black spivs in Uganda rather than direct to people in villages?  Did I give more resources to bastards in Moldova running orphanages, or find some decent people to distribute what I’d been sent with?  We are in danger of not being able to spot the shit from the custard on race and just how privilege is working in our societies, all societies.  We might say we aren’t taking equality seriously because we are so damned serious about it.  Don’t give aid to black bastards in Africa, or to Moldovan bastards in Moldova.  Not all black people are shit, not all white people are shit, but some are.  In the same way that the malaria drugs we send to Uganda end up on sale in a network of corruption, maybe our attempts to get fairness and equality are being corrupted by similar shits running Quangos?

If we are being racist in our administration, it means our officers are pathetic and so ill-concerned with justice they do nothing to stop the abuse.  If it’s not racism, just what problems do we have with these populations and what is the risk?  The Dutch are much more civilised than we are in most ways, but they now have anti-Islam people in government.  Our societies are not based on fairness and some populations may have more difficulty than others in not breaking the law or getting caught.  This may well be for reasons more internal to the populations than something in the prejudices of the rest of us.  Are our taxi ranks brown because of our prejudice, or for reasons similar to the lack of brown faces in Ford distribution some years back in reverse?  Maybe we only have this ‘problem’ because our well off are so mean and protected from international competition themselves, that they have exposed our working people to the low wages and unemployment it brings regardless of the consequences?

My guess is we are not expressing our “superiority” through race these days, at least not most of us.  Instead, it’s a new set of “manners” that looks down on the poorly educated and those not granted bureaucratic abilities in synchronised greasy-pole climbing.  “Manners” are the basis of treating women and barbarians like shit in some societies.  Who gets treated like shit in ours and how?

http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2010/oct/10/britains-divided-school-system-report summarises a report due out tomorrow.  The people who are being treated like shit are the same as I can ever remember.  I already knew.  What I want to know is why we are doing nothing about the bastards presiding over it all.   All we can say is things have improved a bit for girls, as long as they aren’t in the wrong Muslim families.  What kind of indictment is this of our schools and the vile politicians who lied to us, along with their senior, overpaid placepeople?

We need to strip management and overpayment out of our systems.  The questions should be about how to do this and retain what we want to and be able to maintain control of a different kind than the near feudal type we have now.  The report apparently notes that scumbag-shit parents of normal kids have bad attitudes towards special needs kids as holding their own back.  What bastards!  I sent my own kids to public school to evade this very problem and ensure mine were in a school where everyone had equal opportunity!  No, I didn’t really.  The real problem is that we have created restrictive practices all over the place and made the money-pole far too important.  The real answer is to slacken off and get a salary cap in before the madness starts killing us in large numbers.  What we have made ‘success’ is the problem.  Politicians, cops, social twonkers and a wad of worthies are as caught up in targets, smugness and twattery as surely as the kitchen manager feeding us stale or disease ridden food to meet her wastage targets and get the bonus that gets her to Ibiza to be laid by some STD lizard in her annual act of love-making.


4 thoughts on “Radical Unfairness

  1. You are right but it’s not enough to criticise.

    Unless it was a daft metaphor for mass racial destruction, the relevance of a Manhattan Project in the wrong decade, eludes me.

  2. You are so correct; racism isn’t actually endemic in our society however, the constant driver to make it so is often the insesent PC brigade.

    Until we arrive at a place where we ALL feel confident in actually discussing the subject of race/culture etc (without fear of retribution or criminal conviction), it is likely to get worse.

  3. The ‘Manhattan Project’, in this sense, was a large survey of immigrant populations and mental health in New York Melvin. They found that migration is not good for mental health.

  4. Treating each other with diplomatic gloves on seems most impolite in my manners. I neither intend to be sneaky nor to take people around me as so pathetic I need to smarm them. Nor am I looking for the first chance to rip someone off or any chance to do so. I know honesty is a dumb policy, but am prepared to be vulnerable.

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