What Do Labour Have To Offer Our Country?

ZanyPFNulabour did us a lot of harm.  I’m not really sure who they were, but they seemed to rise against the excesses of “Thatcherism”, the collapse of our manufacturing economy and in the swing of apparently centrist politics as a kind of “socialism in sceptical times”, after we had learned that communist experiments had really been horrible State Capitalist dictatorships.  Ralph Miliband, father of the brothers, wrote on this before his death in 1994.

I’ve always been political, but have long regarded our parties a about as useful as religions and as denominations within the idiot religion of economics.  Of all the places I’ve been, I’ve preferred Sweden as somewhere where they give a damn about trying to keep full employment and some sense of proportion on wealth and justice.

In Britain, we have ConDemned ourselves to a nasty time of public sector cuts that will increase unemployment and ’cause’ a lot of damage.  I doubt we will see benefit from this because I don’t believe our private sector works at all well, though I wish it would.  My own views are very radical in ways nothing to do with old politics and clown soviet paradise fantasy.  I have a scientific world view and so no party is of any interest to me.  I’ve heard everything they say before and can see their main aim is not to address reality, but be popular.

I’d probably prefer to be led by ‘Mr. Ed’ than OldNuLabour’s Ed.  The horse was the only one who knew what was going on in Don Quixote, and sadly we listen as a populace to the horse’s ass.  Cops are amongst those just learning they were turkeys voting for Xmas and will soon discover the idea that cutting waste from government is a ‘solution’ promised over and over that has already failed.

This government will reach a stage next year when it is as unpopular as Thatcher before she found billions to fight a war against very weak opposition, billions we never have to fight a war on poverty at home (or trillions the US never finds to deal with its domestic problems).  Even the US private sector was useless in the depression, and ours looks in dire state.  We already have substantial inflation on food, probably running at 40% for poor families in general.  Interest rates will have to rise, and mortgage payments will bite for most much more than tax rises.

Labour will probably get a lot of vote-benefit from the realisation that ConDem lied a lot and from the collapse of services, higher prices  and so on.  I guess our slow wits will also begin to take account of stuff like 40,000 public ‘servants’ (what a joke word!) 0n £100,000 and more.  That’s £4000,000,000 – what loss if they all died tomorrow, how many schools would that build?  The spreadsheet we need to see is how many on £60,000 and more across the economy.  How many on food, shelter and no more?  There are rumblings in the press about rife tax evasion.  I’m grinning a bit that these rich, Swiss bank accounted ‘suspects’ have been written to – cops have not yet started to drop Bill the Burglar notes of their suspicions, though one drugs-bust team I know of does put notes through some doors saying ‘you will be next if you don’t clean up your act’ after some dawn raids.

It strikes me Labour can offer nothing other than some promise to do better at keeping those in command of the strategic economic heights more happy than ConDem and to be better at organising charity food parcels for the poor.  My question is a blind really.  Politics can do nothing for our country.  Even the oil that could have funded industrial renewal was stolen by the banks.


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