Gender Bending Again

I haven’t read The Observer for a couple of years.  Remind me not to bother if I stray that way again.  The above link,which has no science in it at all claims gender differences are learned and not given at birth.  Some rot about Mars and Venus is claimed to have been influential.  I just despair of this kind of useless blather.  Women and men are equal and so is my blind mate – but I will still see us across the road and be amazed the dog gets him to the office.  This form of equality has everything to do with us being born different and a social construction of equality.  Last time I looked 10% of men and women have the ‘wrong brains’ for their sex (according to scans of activity).  Some women are XY in genetic terms and so on.  There is no nature versus nurture argument, it’s both, it’s complicated and epigenetics and even genetic cultural memory may be involved (this is speculative and the only work I know involves finches).  It’s time to wake up from thinking dross has any part in emancipation, feminist or otherwise.


3 thoughts on “Gender Bending Again

  1. Some newspaper articles are best treated like bizarre carnival floats; allowed to pass provoking absolutely no thought, were it not for the nudity.

    Far worthier of the scientific mind is Hogday’s ‘Hell’ post.

  2. ” There is no nature versus nurture argument, it’s both…”

    Yes! So many people are so keen to see nuance and ambiguity in everything except this issue.

  3. There is even speculation cultural learning is encoded (somehow) in DNA. Much as I loved rugby league and cricket,one does not derive pleasure in being any good at them through ‘superiority’ over women (I guess my Sis who have been better than most men). Experiments on bringing up young girls to play on an equal basis from pre-birth are tempting as a comic idea, but who’d want to be the kind of idiot who actually does that kind of thing? There are deeper emancipation issues.

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