Russell and Kelsal Cleared

I watched the CCTV evidence which showed Sgt. Russell and PC Kelsal assaulting a former squaddie.  Didn’t like what I saw, but wouldn’t have considered an assault charge likely to succeed on this.  I would not have complained on these grounds if it had happened to me.  The problem here is also about cover-up and police lying.  And for that matter lack of clarity about reasonable force.  Another GMP cop, doing his job sparking it out with some scummo, was dismissed because video evidence revealed he told porkies – substantially less than the ‘stop, armed police’ turkey at Stockwell.

Cops may well not trust the legal system with the truth, but there is the fact that defendants (innocent or guilty), in a less privileged position are expected to do so.  It was the cover-up rather than actions in Watergate – but here the cover-up seems allowable in public.  Wasn’t there a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice against this squaddie?  We need change to protect both ‘sides’ here.


9 thoughts on “Russell and Kelsal Cleared

  1. I also watched these thugs on video, yet I am not amazed they remain in post. What police may be bold enough to execute knowing their actions are out of camera view, makes for scary speculation.

    A fair and decent society cannot tolerate policemen abusing trust and conspiring to cover up such abuse. When these officers held on to their uniforms and pensions, we lost the last vestiges of any deterrent. There is no longer anything in place and actually working, to save us from a State abetting rogues to do as they will.

  2. I have no respect for what they did, but I have wielded a ‘shore patrol baton’myself and know it can be much more difficult not to use violence than many expect. Cops and soldiers do not get fair play from us as a general public when under review in circumstances we don’t understand through our own experience. That serving officers (some) use this as an excuse is unfortunate. It’s the cover-up culture I find more distressing, as we can change nothing without addressing the root causes of that. We have police officers and social workers turning their backs on victims, something much more serious than the odd punch out of place. Beyond this we have scum bosses, lawyers and politicians pretending it isn’t happening. It is not easy to tell who the enemy is. It can be your own MP, just as he says he will help.

    We are often too hard on front line people, yet they too seem to have forgotten where to draw the line.

  3. Is it any wonder when the public we protect are seen as the enemy?

    Those same people are the ones that are so quick to condemn without ever seeking to understand?

    Look at MTG, for example. I suspect that the most dangerous thing he faces on a day-to-day basis is accidentally spilling coffee on himself.

    Yet he feels justified to criticise people facing violence…

    Just the state of play here in this UK of ours…

    Of course, we think we are hard done by… and it’s a Police state etc…

    But as Einstein once remarked… ‘it’s all relative…’

    This isn’t a Police state… Have you noticed a common theme with violent people? They all moan when it’s done to them…

      • Your suggestion could present many opportunities
        and positive potential for change. However, if it
        may involve arguing and conflict, that’s not my
        “bag”, normally. I’m all for a peaceful life now!
        …..and in need of a rest, and a laugh!

        All work and no play….and all that…

        Too damn tired Allcopped, for anything too
        dramatic or radical right now….

        What do you consider to be “worthwhile”?

  4. Oh no a typo!!! You will be in trouble with MTG… His personality doesn’t do mistakes – unless it’s him of course..

  5. I have stood in the witness box and had a solicitor for the defendant say to me, “Officer, I put it to you that you actually punched my client on his chin and knocked him down”. I replied, “Actually sir, I punched him three times; two left jabs to the chin and a right to the ribs, before he actually went down”. Its when telling the truth just isn’t good enough, that the rot sets in.

  6. My view entirely Hog. Running a charge office, often with only the Panda Control PC, I often checked the prisoners were alive at 5.50 a.m. and then scrawled out irregular 10 minute visits to keep the bureaucracy off our backs. How I actually did all the other work is a mystery.
    A big question for all those of us who have cuffed, nodded, skewed and the rest, is whether we can still see the truth of a given situation. It’s pretty clear when we see Baby P and the rest that a lot fail. I lied because a colleague had head-butted someone. I would not have done the same, but only because I was a much better boxer.
    I would have done something to get Ian Tomlinson home.
    There is a problem that some members of the public can’t understand the pressures or even what it means to have to use reasonable force. But this isn’t all the problem – it’s also clear the cover-ups just won’t do.

    Instead of argument and sense, too many just enter the lists for battles of wit.

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