What Should Happen to Harwood Now?

A public hanging?  Well, he’s been tried in public, so his lawyers (paid by us) will argue he cannot get a fair discipline hearing.  He’ll probably be sacked as he is an embarrassment and there is much to cover-up.  We should be financing a civil action to see his pension sequestered to his victim’s family and clear statements to other thug officers made.  A judicial review should be carried out into the lamentable failure of our legal system to protect citizens from violent and incompetent public sector workers.  Pigs might fly, though this might only make rogue officers more dangerous.

Channel 4 should do a mock trial of a civilian doing the same thing.

The trouble in all this is we need cops and social workers to kick in more of the right doors, not less.  The real problem is not Harwood, but the vile and smug overpaid who can’t look at evidence dispassionately, but pretend objectivity through spin.  I’d take my chances with Harwood rather than Starmer or Hardwick and their ilk.


20 thoughts on “What Should Happen to Harwood Now?

  1. Tuesday, 27 July 2010 21st Century Policing!
    Well, Boys & Girls in Blue.

    Now that the murder of inoccent passers-by has been legalised, why not just tear off your Force Crest on your caps, replace it with the Totenkopf death’s head badge, then stick your SS runes onto your lapels and Voila! Gehieme Staatz Polizie! Gestapo! Has a nice ring to it.

    Posted by Paraman at

  2. Raised in a typical English Village during post war austerity, I acquired typical English values and a sense of ‘doing the right thing’.

    Many such places must appear unchanged to the new breed of morally destitute, for whom the positions of Starmer and Hardwick are meaningless.

  3. Sadly Para, too many can’t see your apt metaphor other than as exaggeration. I would have helped Ian Tomlinson, and I find a police force that didn’t do this unacceptable. What happened to him was worse than the actions of the yobs who killed Mr. Haq.
    I grew up like MTG but in urban conditions. Starmer and Hardwick would fail a critical reasoning test and utterly defame ‘intellect’.

  4. So the HR depts that employed him as a civvie then as an officer for Surrey, then allowed him to transfer to the Met when he had unresolved discipline issues will escape any sanction?

    People want their pound of flesh with this one… But as the old saying says: be careful what you wish for…

    Having officers inside for un intended consequenses could, in lead to other unintended consequenses.

    Like officers choosing not to arrest, carry PPE or firearms etc…

    Is that what you want?

  5. Agreed Shijuro – mostly. We do pay our cops,so one could see the Fed as being a taxpayer burden. ‘Unintended consequences’ is a long string though. Quick discipline and honesty would have satisfied me. You are right on the HRM-wallahs. Harwood is the bit player. Of course, some honesty would actually benefit most of our cops.

  6. The fed is a burden in the same way sainsburys is a burden because I do my shopping there?

    Most? You go too far sir.

    Home truths?

    I have been in fir over 20-years and I have never heard another officer call a blackman a nigger, an Asian a paki, a woman a slit or a plonk, never seen evidence planted , a copper take z bribe (not even a cup of tea)… It’s offensive and inaccurate to suggest otherwise.

  7. Although it is barely evident here, I first became aware of Shijuro’s remarkable genius rated IQ, when he posted the information on the ‘200 weeks’ blog.

    Perhaps what is more apparent is an oratory gift to develop any conversation into a monologue.

  8. As with all of your trolling MTG you: fail to address the issue; personally attack the blogger you are trolling; write in pretentious and barely understandable gibberish and are obviously in need of a girlfriend (or boyfriend of course)…

    Posting that the Federation is a burden on the taxpayer when the Police pay for them out of their own money is incorrect. No ifs, no buts, just plain wrong.

    Since you obviously don’t understand MTG (never thought that about you before, rude, vile yes… but not thick) I commented that you may as well say that Sainsburys is a burden on the tax payer as I spend my money there too…

    See? Christ melv… have some coffee or something…

    It may surprise you allcoppedout that mtg (melvin T grant) and his other handles is banned from Insp Gadgets blog…

    He also says I am not a ‘real copper’ lol…

    I wish I wasn’t… really.

  9. Is it true allcoppedout that you are an ex-Police officer?

    Please tell me you are not in the ‘all the modern coppers are bent and crap-not like us in the 70’s’ (which is ironic when you think about it…since that’s when the biggest miscarriages of justice occurred and fitting people up was almost a normal procedure) group of bitter boys and girls…


  10. Quite a few of us pay union dues Shijuro and I was a divisional Fed rep. I met very little police wrongdoing, though some racism, more in the Met than back up North. I’m not sure on the Fed financing as we did a lot of work paid by the force. I would point out Harwood has been a bad boy and if not the money could have gone to better purpose. He is a bit like some scumbag in the legal aid system.
    Most policing problems are actually problems in a wider system. My travels as an academic tell me GMP (where I live) is a poor force (HMIC agree) in comparison with others and we felt that when we got amalgamated into it from county forces in the 70s.
    People are still fitted up, even the guilty and find me a worse miscarriage than Nico Bento, or the farcical ‘ritual abuse’ sagas. I don’t hanker after the old days, facing down shotguns unarmed. I suspect less has changed then we assume.
    We are better at major enquiry now, though look at the farce on Jersey recently, Soham and others – as bad as Ripper.
    My own deep suspicion is that intransigent bureaucracy and poor behavioural training throughout our society lead us too quickly to hostile defensiveness. We are all, in some sense guilty of this.

  11. Sorry still not seeing the connection between the wages paid by the taxpayer and fed subs… I repeat you may as well say you pay for my shopping too…

    Scum? Innocent until proven not a factor now then?

    Also I reject totally your sweeping generalisation that most officers are bent…

  12. You don’t read very carefully do you Shijuro? There was no sweeping statement about most police being bent. As to the Fed – the point is it is a cost as officers spend duty time doing the stuff and is a cost through wages funded by the taxpayer (shopping doesn’t count in the same way).
    On innocent until proven guilty one can only say in this case we should have been given a chance to decide. Not helping a guy like Ian Tomlinson gets to scum for me, hitting and throwing him to the ground just makes matters worse. You are a logic chopper.

  13. I usually begin the morning with tea and toast, a good sudoku and relaxing music, Allcoppedout.

    If the devil knows he will surely have my punishment ready where each dawn brings an argument with a fool who never reads properly.

  14. And you can’t read you own writing can you?

    ‘Of course, some honesty would actually benefit most of our cops’

    If that’s not a sweeping generalisation about officers what is?

    Solicitors employed by the Fed are NOT paid for by the public- they are paid for by US.

    Melv- you clearly can’t read either… chump.

  15. Melv… wtf is wrong with you?

    Will you just bugger off and stop attacking me personally, it’s really beginning to annoy me.

    Carry on and I suspect you will be banned from 200 too…

    Pretentious know it all arses like you really are the limit… what have you DONE yourself to help things?

    What have you done to help anyone?


  16. Now, now boys, calm down and take deep breaths both of you. Good job you are not both in the same room!

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which is usually based upon their own experiences, education and life. Perhaps MTG just needs a hug, some TLC maybe?

    Shijuro, you too can be very critical and cutting with your comments, and have resorted to insulting put downs too, because I have read them on blogs, you naughty boy!

    MTG….perhaps Shijuro is a dyslexic, a sign of which is high IQ but often poor spelling, reading, and comprehension skills, plus a difficulty with memory and concentration.

    Perhaps Shijuro needs a hug and some TLC too? 😉

  17. Such soothing oil Mrs.Magoo. You and I no doubt contributed to the legal aid fund, but like 95% of the population have no chance of getting representation from it. One wonders why our dear police officers cannot rely on it just as we do! We must be paying them too much if they can contribute again to protect their worst! One wonders, in such a fair system, what they must know about needing a good brief rather than trusting to truth like the rest of us.

  18. You are right Ms Magoo… Sorry.

    You are perceptive, I am mildly dislexic. It’s only becomes an issue with pedantic, superior types that need the ego boost of putting down other people…

    As to the legal aid comment… I think I should post elseware fir a bit as I can can feel some swearing coming on…

    Simply-what I do with MY money is MY business… The fed was created because officers were being abused by SMT and gov…

    You DO NOT pay indirectly for our sols… We pay directly.. My example of sainsburys stands- you may as well say as you are a customer of BT you pay for their union too…

    Silly stance.

  19. I notice allcopped that you didn’t comment when I made you eat your words…

    As to why we need lawyers, simply put, we know that the PSD dept are very much out to get us… They will go the full 8-miles…

    They make NO descrimination between the rare bent copper and the good copper that makes a mistake or is the subject of a malicious allegation…

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